Why did I switch to martintillerauthor.com?

Well to put it bluntly I screwed up.

That’s why I switched to this new website. None other than I just screw up. I didn’t protect my domain and another Martin Tiller grabbed it, he’s a realtor in South Carolina.

Another Martin Tiller? I mean really what are the odds?

I guess good enough to lose my site.

In my defense, life was rough at that time.

Coming out of a separation and divorce, becoming a single dad and starting a new job, that’s a lot on one’s plate.

And to make it worse I discovered I had lost my old site when I was at the hospital with my mother. Mom is okay now, but she was in the hospital awhile, and I am always curious when I lost it. It was probably before her trip to the hospital but I’ll never know completely.

I probably couldn’t even tell you where I kept the domain registered. That’s how stupid I am.

But that is neither here nor there.

Here is the lesson.

Protect your stuff. Protect your work. Protect your IP, Intellectual Property.

Because I lost my site, books that have been published since 2013 have the wrong website in them. Yes, going forward it will have this new site. But that is a pain in the butt. Eight years of blog posts, gone, or at the very least will need to be reposted here.

As a writer I want to make myself discoverable, and changing sites just really throws a wrench into those plans.

But I am here and hopefully this will be my mine.

But folks. Protect your sites. Protect and keep your work.

It’s worth it and you’re worth it.