Tales from Father Christmas by JRR Tolkin

My daughter just recently asked me if Santa was real. She is nine and she takes it very seriously, so she asked the question by writing me a letter.

As of today, I haven’t responded.

But I may have found my inspiration from none other than J.R.R Tolkin himself. His book Tales from Father Christmas is a book that was published posthumously and complied by Baliie Tolkien.

Beginning in 1920 when Tolkien’s oldest son John was just three years old. And continuing until 1943 when the other children grew older.

What is extraordinary Tolkin also illustrated the cards. I’ve read that Tolkin drew Middle-Earth when writing the Lord of the Rings books. He talent for drawing comes out in these wonderful letters.

Letters from Father Christmas take on a whole new level of creativity. As the years went on Father Christmas’ house became larger. Then Snow-elves, Red Gnomes, Snowmen and Cave-bears. This makes elf on the shelf look down right lazy.

I’ve been reading it this month, and it has inspired me to attempt some more creativity with Christmas letters and Christmas itself.

I would definitely recommend picking this book for Tolkin and Christmas fans.