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    Journal Entry-Apocalypse Day 365.

    (I began writing a daily silly Facebook post everyday when schools went into shut down. This post marks the one-year mark after schools were shut down.) Journal Entry Apocalypse Day 365 Some how we’ve survived. There are currently no Pop-Tarts in the bunker. So survival at the start of year two is in doubt. The kid has adapted well. I asked her if she wanted to try school outside the bunker. “And what? Wear face-gear and a haz-mat suit? And not be able to click away to YouTube? No thanks. I’ll do math in my pajamas.” I’m proud of her judgement. I overheard Crazy Carl singing “Battle of Evermore” from…

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    Finding my first pandemic post from my hacked Facebook account.

    My Facebook account that I had for almost 13 years was hacked and disable by the great Facebook. But as we near the one year anniversary of schools in this area being shut down, I went back through my old account that I downloaded to find the first Apocalyse Journal post. I wrote it as therapy. I was scared about the impending pandemic. What was about to go down? And I had always thought the end of the world would include zombies, not being stuck at home bored. So I started writing about being stuck at home and pretending that COVID-19 really created zombies, while also having to navigate being…

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    Apocalypse Journal now available in paperback.

    My most recent book is finally available in paperback. The book began as a silly post on Facebook when school was shut down for the COVID-19 pandemic. I had posted “It’s just me, the kid, and the apocalypse.” Then on the first full day we got the news here in Virginia that we school would shut down for the rest of the year, well it was tough. So on that first Monday of no school I wrote this post. The eight year old had a meltdown due to the fact her teacher sent homework via email, and her father could access said email and understand Google Classroom. The eight year…