Reintroducing my work, Kevin and the Three-Headed Alien

(This is a cross post from my Facebook page.)

To continue my reintroduction of my work, since I’ve had to restart my page, let’s travel back to 2013 with the second Kevin book. This one ended up being a chapter book. For various reasons, one I’m not smart enough to shorten the book to a picture book length, and Two, picture books are expensive to make.

This book is special to me for a couple of reasons, one it has one of the best reviews I’ve noticed because the reviewer noted the sly jokes I left in for adults. I write jokes for kids, and then I write jokes for me. It was nice to be noticed.

Second this book was picked up by a Bookbub promo and for one magical night sometime in 2014 it placed 14th in the tops children’s books on Amazon. Right next to a Diary of a Whimpey Kid novel, and in view of the Harry Potter Novels.

Still very proud of this one.

Click here to pick it up on Kindle or paperback.