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    Creating YouTube content while teaching from home.

    I teach Kindergarten by day. Yes, I do it virtually. The district where I work voted to remain virtual all year. I discovered my kids like seeing me in videos. They only see me in on the screen anyway, so it was a surprise to me as well. But at the same time by creating YouTube content, I realized I am creating content for future school years as well. I don’t have time to create fancy videos, but by using Adobe Rush on my phone I can create some titles and cross dissolves. Plus the kids like seeing the outside of my house as opposed to my home office all…

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    Teaching with YouTube videos I create

    I teach Kindergarten-virtually. And I love it. It’s the first year I’ve ever taught Kindergarten or virtually for that matter. I don’t have the energy or time to come up with high quality massive planning and editing. But I’ve been using Adobe Rush on my phone to add a little text. In a recent snow/ice storm I went out in the front yard and recorded myself talking about how we see all three forms of water in an ice storm. I ramble a little, but the kids seemed to enjoy seeing me with my car outside my house. Follow me on YouTube for completely random teaching videos for younger students.

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    My daughter loves The Warriors Books

    My daughter is in the fourth grade. I just need to share just how fast she has read through The Warriors first series. She got them for Christmas less than three months ago and is about to finish book six–of the FIRST SERIES. She loves cats and animals so this thing is apparently right up her alley. Apparently I’ll be getting a new series for her here soon. I know these books first came out in 2003. But that’s what is wonderful about books. Books can still be new years later to new readers.

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    Get any new books for Christmas?

    My daughter has gotten into Th Warrior series by Erin Hunter. She read the first book for school then asked for the series. Only then did I realize there were several series in the Warriors universe. I think there maybe a lesson there for us writers. My daughter told me that of course she loves the books “It’s animals and magic!” And apparently there are FIVE series in The Warriors universe. NOT five books, five Series. I’ve not read the books. It looks like I will be though. Any writer that has written five series in their universe there is something to be learned.

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    Happy New Year!

    Let’s admit it. 2020 was one great big huge collective trauma. In theory it’s all supposed to be over RIGHT NOW! Right now! It’s 2021. It’s supposed to all be over. But it isn’t. Movie theaters are closed. Restaurants are limited. We’re still teaching virtually. The pandemic is still here. It hasn’t gone away. But we’ve learned some things. I’ve learned as a Kindergarten teacher that kids still want to learn in spite of the difficulty of the moment. If my five year old students can still be eager to learn, then I can be willing to continue to learn in the midst of this pandemic. For me it’s learning…

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    Tales from Father Christmas by JRR Tolkin

    My daughter just recently asked me if Santa was real. She is nine and she takes it very seriously, so she asked the question by writing me a letter. As of today, I haven’t responded. But I may have found my inspiration from none other than J.R.R Tolkin himself. His book Tales from Father Christmas is a book that was published posthumously and complied by Baliie Tolkien. Beginning in 1920 when Tolkien’s oldest son John was just three years old. And continuing until 1943 when the other children grew older. What is extraordinary Tolkin also illustrated the cards. I’ve read that Tolkin drew Middle-Earth when writing the Lord of the…

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    Apocalypse Journal now available in paperback.

    My most recent book is finally available in paperback. The book began as a silly post on Facebook when school was shut down for the COVID-19 pandemic. I had posted “It’s just me, the kid, and the apocalypse.” Then on the first full day we got the news here in Virginia that we school would shut down for the rest of the year, well it was tough. So on that first Monday of no school I wrote this post. The eight year old had a meltdown due to the fact her teacher sent homework via email, and her father could access said email and understand Google Classroom. The eight year…

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    Martin Tiller Author

    Welcome to my new site. I am a children’s author from Richmond, VA. I am the author of Kevin and the Seven Lions, Dolbin School for the Extraordinary, Baseball and Aliens, and Charlotte Morgan and the Great Big Math Problem. Click here to see all of my books on Amazon.