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    Why did I switch to martintillerauthor.com?

    Well to put it bluntly I screwed up. That’s why I switched to this new website. None other than I just screw up. I didn’t protect my domain and another Martin Tiller grabbed it, he’s a realtor in South Carolina. Another Martin Tiller? I mean really what are the odds? I guess good enough to lose my site. In my defense, life was rough at that time. Coming out of a separation and divorce, becoming a single dad and starting a new job, that’s a lot on one’s plate. And to make it worse I discovered I had lost my old site when I was at the hospital with my…

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    Reintroducing my work-The Dark Cloud Rises.

    Since I was hacked on Facebook and had to restart my page, I decided to do a series of reintroducing my work. I am promoting the site to new people so I wanted to reintroduce my books. This is the post I put on the page. Reintroducing my work, released in 2014, The Dark Cloud Rises is the second book in the The Dolbin School series. Things turn more ominous for Jake and his friends as an explosion on campus makes everyone uneasy and feel unsafe. Brad becomes moody with his classmates as his secret is beginning to take over his time.Level for fourth grade readers and up.It is available…

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    Reintroducing my work-Dolbin School for the Extraordinary

    Reintroducing my work, Doblin School for the Extraordinary came out in 2013. Jake Cooper is a 4th grader at Kane Elementary. One day he gets into a fight with his bully Brad Cushing and he throws him 60 feet through a window revealing Jake’s abilities and sending him to Dolbin.It is the first in a four book series. It is available in Kindle and Paperback. It is leveled for 4th grade readers and up. You can get it here-> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FZVCPRU You can also get a free copy in electronic form if you sign-up for my Insider’s List. http://eepurl.com/hm-TJr

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    Reintroducing my work, Kevin and the Three-Headed Alien

    (This is a cross post from my Facebook page.) To continue my reintroduction of my work, since I’ve had to restart my page, let’s travel back to 2013 with the second Kevin book. This one ended up being a chapter book. For various reasons, one I’m not smart enough to shorten the book to a picture book length, and Two, picture books are expensive to make. This book is special to me for a couple of reasons, one it has one of the best reviews I’ve noticed because the reviewer noted the sly jokes I left in for adults. I write jokes for kids, and then I write jokes for…

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    Let me reintroduce my work, my first book-Kevin and the Seven Lions

    For those that don’t know I am having to start my Facebook page over from another page that I lost control of due to a hack. And through my own damn stupidity I lost my first author blog. It was a rough couple of months there. And some of you are new to my work. So let me reintroduce some of my work. My first book was a picture book, Kevin and the Seven Lions. It’s about a third grade boy who say dreams too much in class. His teacher has the thought to let him write down his stories. Leveled for late first through third grade readers. A good…

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    Journal Entry-Apocalypse Day 365.

    (I began writing a daily silly Facebook post everyday when schools went into shut down. This post marks the one-year mark after schools were shut down.) Journal Entry Apocalypse Day 365 Some how we’ve survived. There are currently no Pop-Tarts in the bunker. So survival at the start of year two is in doubt. The kid has adapted well. I asked her if she wanted to try school outside the bunker. “And what? Wear face-gear and a haz-mat suit? And not be able to click away to YouTube? No thanks. I’ll do math in my pajamas.” I’m proud of her judgement. I overheard Crazy Carl singing “Battle of Evermore” from…

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    Finding my first pandemic post from my hacked Facebook account.

    My Facebook account that I had for almost 13 years was hacked and disable by the great Facebook. But as we near the one year anniversary of schools in this area being shut down, I went back through my old account that I downloaded to find the first Apocalyse Journal post. I wrote it as therapy. I was scared about the impending pandemic. What was about to go down? And I had always thought the end of the world would include zombies, not being stuck at home bored. So I started writing about being stuck at home and pretending that COVID-19 really created zombies, while also having to navigate being…

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    More Warriors Books in this house, I am sure more will be on the way.

    My kid devoured the fist six books of the warrior series. She read the first 6 in two and a half months. So she asked for the second SERIES. She assumed she wouldn’t get them until her birthday, but when a kid wants books, I am totally good with getting them now. No need to wait. But as a writer I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of books in this universe. There are numerous series along with graphic novel adaptations. I’ve not read any of them. But I think I am going to try the first one. At least that way I can understand a small fraction of what…

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    Losing a Facebook account and page

    Back in November or so, my Facebook account got hacked and Facebook shut it down. Five hundred something “friends” gone. I unfortunately also lost control then of all my professional pages, which included my author page. It didn’t have but a couple of hundred followers, but still. It sucks. The great Facebook has no customer service. None. Zero. Nada. It seems the entire company is just Zuckerberg and an algorithm. But this post isn’t about Facebook. Facebook can do whatever they want. But this is about putting your work out to a place where ultimately you don’t control it. As the current phrase would be de-platformed. You don’t control your…