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    Becoming more of a listener

    Over the past year I have become more of a lister, an audiobook listener. I arrogantly used to think that listening wasn’t truly reading. But I have read, listened to more books, more stories than could have before. One of the unexpected benefits of a long commute to work. My first novel I listened to was Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard book with full cast recording. I’ve listened to it twice all the way through, there is a recording with just Neil reading it. I first listened to it several years ago when traveling to New Jersey to do a book show at a local elementary school. (It’s a long trip from…

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    New Book, Quinton, now ready for preorder

    New book is ready for preorder. It is set for October 1, but I plan on getting it out sooner. I give myself sometime to make sure the formatting is right. I started this book way back in November 2017 for National Novel Writing Month. Got about half-way through and put a pause in it to finish up Charlotte Morgan and the Great Big Math problem. And then life sort of derailed there for a little bit as a difficult separation and divorce happened, and I had had to go back to fulltime teaching as a result. It’s a different story from me, but in many ways similar, to my…

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    Cover reveal for my next book

    So to jump right to it. This is the cover. I started writing Quinton for NaNoMo in November of 2017. Trying to get the whole novel done then. Didn’t make it, but that is okay. A divorce and other life issues got in the way. And there is nothing wrong with that. I also wrote other books in the in between time. But this is a new type of book from me. More sci-fi. Technically Dolbin school is sci-fi, so I guess this is sci-fi for an older readers. This is a definitely a more PG-13 level story. So fair warning there. Pre-order information coming soon.

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    First chapter of my next book–Quinton

    I started this book four and half years ago for National Novel Writing Month. I didn’t finish it then. Which is okay, even if I didn’t finish NaNoMo I still had the skeleton for a new story. I wanted to finish this earlier. Like much earlier. But sometimes life interferes. This book is a departure for me. The main characters are still children, but this is my first PG-13 novel. Do with that as you will. But the main chapters are still children that feel left out and use friends and community to solve problems. I don’t set out to write books with that theme. The books just appear and…

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    Happy Birthday Bono, thanks for all the songs.

    Bono turned 62 today. You may not care. But when your heros get old you are getting old. When your heros get old then they won’t be with you much longer to give you the experiences that you have come to expect from them. I have followed U2 since 1988 when I was a freshman cross country runner. It was pretty much a requirement to like U2 and be on the team. We watched Rattle and Hum, the VHS tape thank you very much just about everyday during our week long summer camp. The Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum era of 1987-88 is what introduced me to U2. I…

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    Three new books coming in 2022

    In my last post I talked about how the longer I go through life the more growth minded as opposed to goal focused I become. Goals just stress me out. If you miss them you just feel depressed. Hit them and the feeling of success fades very quickly. So I am trying this year to just focus on improving. But having said that I hope to have out three books this year, Number Investigators #4. a yet untitled Christmas picture book, and my first middle grade novel called Quinton, a novel that’s been sitting on my desk way…too…long. It’s time for it to be free. But these are all books…

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    Happy 2022. Growth verses goals.

    It’s 2022. what the heck. Over the last few years I’ve dealt with a separation, a divorce, becoming a single dad and a move to a house that needs a lot of TLC, new school district, new job, broken arm so it’s been…more than normal. Oh yeah, and a pandemic–the Covid–the Rona. Can’t forget that. All of that put together have been road bumps in my goals. At least in my goals previously I had hope to hit in previous years. But goals break your heart. They hurt. They remind you of your short comings. And if you do hit a goal the dopamine hit is short lived. Whoo hoo!…

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    Come and see me at JR Tucker high school in on Saturday, November 20. Come by for signed copies of my books.

    I am finally getting back to it. Getting out there and selling books in person. If you’re in the Richmond/Henrico area come on by and see me and pick up some signed books. The show is to support  the J.R. Tucker Theatre Department in their journey to perform at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland in August of 2022. So come on by! Click here to find out more on their Facebook page. Come on out and pick up a signed copy of any of my books!

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    Sally Hemingway and the STEM Contest now available on Kindle

    The first two books in this series came out in 2018 and 2019, but then in 2019 I dealt with my separation and job hunt all at the same time. So this book was put on the proverbial shelf for awhile as I actually finished the manuscript in 2019 and then in 2020 had it proofread and edited. But just a lesson that sometimes things get in the way. Plus with the pandemic I side tracked with my silly posts about the zombie acpolyse and Crazy Carl. But life is coming back around to being able to write and publish more regularly now. This time around Sally takes the lead…