New Book, Quinton, now ready for preorder

New book is ready for preorder. It is set for October 1, but I plan on getting it out sooner. I give myself sometime to make sure the formatting is right.

Click on the picture to preorder the book.

I started this book way back in November 2017 for National Novel Writing Month. Got about half-way through and put a pause in it to finish up Charlotte Morgan and the Great Big Math problem. And then life sort of derailed there for a little bit as a difficult separation and divorce happened, and I had had to go back to fulltime teaching as a result.

It’s a different story from me, but in many ways similar, to my others in that it focuses on a group of children that come together to solve a problem.

This problem is just set in a dystopian future where a Facists government as arisen since the world has been nearly destroyed due to an alien invasion. So more of a PG-13 story than my other books, so fair warning.