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My latest book Aaron Chu and the Baseball Card Show is now available in paperback.

I am not the most organized independent publisher. I should be publishing the paperback and Kindle versions at the same time. But alas, at this point in my journey, I am not that organized. The Kindle came out at the beginning of March, and here it is the middle of May. This is probably the longest stretch that I have gone between publishing the Kindle and the paperback version of a book.

For me when I began my journey most of my sale were on the Kindle. And now it’s completely reversed, 95% of my sales are paperback. Not sure why. Maybe teachers, parents but them for classes and need physical copies. Whatever the reason, I’m glad because I simply make more money on the sale of a paperback than I do on the Kindle.

But just in time for summer reading, Aaron Chu is now available in paperback.