Losing a Facebook account and page

Back in November or so, my Facebook account got hacked and Facebook shut it down. Five hundred something “friends” gone.

I unfortunately also lost control then of all my professional pages, which included my author page.

It didn’t have but a couple of hundred followers, but still. It sucks.

The great Facebook has no customer service. None. Zero. Nada.

It seems the entire company is just Zuckerberg and an algorithm.

But this post isn’t about Facebook. Facebook can do whatever they want.

But this is about putting your work out to a place where ultimately you don’t control it. As the current phrase would be

You don’t control your Facebook account. Facebook controls your account. Never forget that.


So in some ways I am hopefully going to be post here a lot more, and then cross posting where ever.

I’ve been blogging in various forms since 2004. And I’ve seen various social media sites come and go, Google+ Myspace, but blogging on your own site has remained the same. If you can keep the site up and working, it becomes your little place on the internet. You can send other people to your place, invite them over.

I do believe blogs took a big hit when Google got rid of Google Feed. I remember reading numerous blogs via the feed reader.

Anyway, come and visit me here and invite me over to your place on the internet.