Listening to King, Billy summers Audio Book

Billy Summers narrated by Paul Sparks

With more time in the car, I’ve been listening to more audiobooks. I have unexpectedly become a fan of Stephen King. I am not a horror reader. I never made it all the way through IT.

But I did make it all the way through Billy Summers, the audiobook. King is not just a horror writer, and maybe you already knew that. I mean this is person that wrote the short story that led to the classic The Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me.

The Audiobook is read by Paul Sparks. The story of a man named Billy Summers who was a gifted sniper in the military who is now a freelancer and ends of trying “That one last job.” It pays very well, but it of course goes very wrong.

I think my favorite touch in the whole is a quiet reference to the Overlook Hotel from King’s novel The Shining. And it’s the only supernatural reference in the whole novel. When I heard the reference, I stopped the book and made a chef’s kiss in the air as I drove. King has created his own personal universe in his novels.
Billy Summers, recommended.