Journal Entry-Apocalypse Day 365.

(I began writing a daily silly Facebook post everyday when schools went into shut down. This post marks the one-year mark after schools were shut down.)

Journal Entry

Apocalypse Day 365

Some how we’ve survived. There are currently no Pop-Tarts in the bunker. So survival at the start of year two is in doubt.

The kid has adapted well. I asked her if she wanted to try school outside the bunker.

“And what? Wear face-gear and a haz-mat suit? And not be able to click away to YouTube? No thanks. I’ll do math in my pajamas.”

I’m proud of her judgement.

I overheard Crazy Carl singing “Battle of Evermore” from his bunker. His voice was good. He has also left up a single strand of Christmas lights. The Apocalypse has soften Carl.

I appreciate the upgraded transports as they dropped off anti-zombie wipes and a year’s supply of paper towels. I think paper towels will increase in value. And I’ll be rich.

Apparently spring is returning. Four zombie-wasps got in the bunker this week. Luckily I keep the flame-thrower charged.More people are venturing out.

But I hear rumors of different zombies, a new strand-new breed has been spotted. So I’ll wait.No pop-tarts tonight.Whiskey it is then.

It’s New Years Eve in the Apocalypse after-all.

(The first 100 days of this silliness is available in paperback and Kindle.)

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