Happy New Year!

Let’s admit it. 2020 was one great big huge collective trauma.

In theory it’s all supposed to be over RIGHT NOW! Right now! It’s 2021. It’s supposed to all be over.

But it isn’t. Movie theaters are closed. Restaurants are limited. We’re still teaching virtually. The pandemic is still here. It hasn’t gone away.

But we’ve learned some things.

I’ve learned as a Kindergarten teacher that kids still want to learn in spite of the difficulty of the moment.

If my five year old students can still be eager to learn, then I can be willing to continue to learn in the midst of this pandemic.

For me it’s learning how to share my work without relying 100% on Facebook. I got lazy and did most of my promotion there. But I got hacked and the Lords of Facebook land shut down my account. Crap. It was a blow. I’ve started a new account. But I’m wary. If I make the algorithm angry it could turn me off it seems. Lesson learned. So I’ll be posting here and in my newsletter a lot more.

Diversifying is healthy. Diversify is safer. Lesson learned.

Welcome to 2021. Glad to see you.