Finding my first pandemic post from my hacked Facebook account.

My Facebook account that I had for almost 13 years was hacked and disable by the great Facebook. But as we near the one year anniversary of schools in this area being shut down, I went back through my old account that I downloaded to find the first Apocalyse Journal post.

I wrote it as therapy. I was scared about the impending pandemic. What was about to go down? And I had always thought the end of the world would include zombies, not being stuck at home bored.

So I started writing about being stuck at home and pretending that COVID-19 really created zombies, while also having to navigate being a single dad and doing virtual school from home. I write this mostly as a memorial when the idea of being at home in quarantine was interesting and new.

And for 100 days straight I wrote about my adventures as an unnamed survivor in the apocalypse. Eventually collecting a 100 days into a book.

(cough cough you can get the book here.)

But anyway this was that first post back on March 17, 2020

Journal Entry:

Apocalypse Day 1.

The eight year old had a meltdown due to the fact her teacher sent homework via email, and her father could access said email and understand Google Classroom.

The eight year old had a friend over, inspite of the social pressure to not have friends over, because the friend’s mother is out vanquishing zombies. And she needed childcare.

I spent the morning cleaning the bunker. Every clean spot I considered a victory.

We took a brief respite outside, as it unwise to let the canine relieve herself inside the bunker. We saw two other children who quickly scurried behind a tree. Several vultures flew over head. But they avoided us–today.

Back inside the eight year and friend have not yet caused chaos. But it is early.

The pop tarts rations are supposed to arrive tomorrow. This keeps me going.

Apocalypse Journal
100 days of journal posts of an unnamed protagonist trying to navigate the zombie apocalypse.