Finder’s Keeper’s Audiobook review

The saying is to write about what you know. Stephen King knows about writing. So he writes about writers.

Finder’s Keepers, The second of the Mr. Mercedes trilogy tells the story of Bill Hodges and his “detective” company Finders Keepers. “Detective” because he is a retired dic, and NOT really supposed to be officially detecting.
The story begins in 1978 with robbery of the formerly famous but now reclusive author John Rothstein, who is robbed and murdered some for his money, but mostly for his unpublished work that is found in his house, by Morris Bellamy. Because the unpublished writing of Rothstein would be very difficult to sell so near his murder in 1978, Morris decides to bury the money and the unpublished journals in a truck underneath a tree near his house.

But Morris is put in prison, not for the murder of Rothstein, but for the rape of a woman while he was drunk. Hoping for a short prison sentence he pleads guilty, but is sentenced to life in prision.
Fast forward to 2010 as high school, Pete Saubers, student begins reading the Jimmy Gold Runner Trilogy and wishes to become a writer as a result of the novels. But then one day discovers a trunk near his, the trunk from the 1978 murder. And it comes at a time when the family needs extra money because is dad is out of work due to being at the job fair that Brady Hatfields drove into in the original Mr. Mercedes murder. So Pete decides to anonymously help his family with the money he has found in the trunk.
And surprise, in 2014 Morris Bellamy is released from prison and comes looking for his treasure trunk.
Stephen King puts a lot of writers in his novels. It definitely is a career and lifestyle that he knows intimately. In this novel there are two writers.

The audiobook is compelling, narrated by Will Patton, who makes Bill Hodges gruff and grumblee voice so very enjoyable. But who is also able to make a Holly, an over anxious and sensitive woman come alive.
The story is the middle of the trilogy in the battle between Bill Hodges and Brady Hartsfeld, the Mecedes killer. With Brady Hartsfeld only appearing at the end of the book, and Bill Hodges helping Pete deal with the consequences of handling the stolen money and the very important unpublished Rothstein journals.
I enjoyed listening to Will Patton read the story, Recommend. Click here to get it on Audible. (Yes, I receive a small commission on anything purchased.)