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    My latest book Aaron Chu and the Baseball Card Show is now available in paperback.

    I am not the most organized independent publisher. I should be publishing the paperback and Kindle versions at the same time. But alas, at this point in my journey, I am not that organized. The Kindle came out at the beginning of March, and here it is the middle of May. This is probably the longest stretch that I have gone between publishing the Kindle and the paperback version of a book. For me when I began my journey most of my sale were on the Kindle. And now it’s completely reversed, 95% of my sales are paperback. Not sure why. Maybe teachers, parents but them for classes and need…

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    Listening to King, Billy summers Audio Book

    With more time in the car, I’ve been listening to more audiobooks. I have unexpectedly become a fan of Stephen King. I am not a horror reader. I never made it all the way through IT. But I did make it all the way through Billy Summers, the audiobook. King is not just a horror writer, and maybe you already knew that. I mean this is person that wrote the short story that led to the classic The Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me. The Audiobook is read by Paul Sparks. The story of a man named Billy Summers who was a gifted sniper in the military who is now…

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    Cover reveal for my next book

    So to jump right to it. This is the cover. I started writing Quinton for NaNoMo in November of 2017. Trying to get the whole novel done then. Didn’t make it, but that is okay. A divorce and other life issues got in the way. And there is nothing wrong with that. I also wrote other books in the in between time. But this is a new type of book from me. More sci-fi. Technically Dolbin school is sci-fi, so I guess this is sci-fi for an older readers. This is a definitely a more PG-13 level story. So fair warning there. Pre-order information coming soon.

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    Journal Entry-Apocalypse Day 365.

    (I began writing a daily silly Facebook post everyday when schools went into shut down. This post marks the one-year mark after schools were shut down.) Journal Entry Apocalypse Day 365 Some how we’ve survived. There are currently no Pop-Tarts in the bunker. So survival at the start of year two is in doubt. The kid has adapted well. I asked her if she wanted to try school outside the bunker. “And what? Wear face-gear and a haz-mat suit? And not be able to click away to YouTube? No thanks. I’ll do math in my pajamas.” I’m proud of her judgement. I overheard Crazy Carl singing “Battle of Evermore” from…