Becoming more of a listener

Over the past year I have become more of a lister, an audiobook listener. I arrogantly used to think that listening wasn’t truly reading. But I have read, listened to more books, more stories than could have before. One of the unexpected benefits of a long commute to work.

My first novel I listened to was Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard book with full cast recording. I’ve listened to it twice all the way through, there is a recording with just Neil reading it. I first listened to it several years ago when traveling to New Jersey to do a book show at a local elementary school. (It’s a long trip from Virginia.)

Gaiman from 1999 or so.

I then delved into other books written by Gaiman, and those were narrated by Gaiman himself. Not gonna lie, lots of jealousy here on his ability to write great stories and then narrate them His very cool English accent and his calm demeanor as he is describing horrific situations just makes him so very cool. Pictures of a younger Neil Gaiman show him wearing a leather jacket. Writer, cool narrator voice, leather jacker-I want to be Neil Gaiman when I grow up.

I’m 49.