2022 The Year I discovered audiobooks. Well, maybe not discovered…

2022 The Year I discovered audiobooks.

Well, discovered may not be the correct word. Maybe appreciated more. I listened to a lot of books this year.

Just three of the books in my Audible Library

After two years of working from home in 2022, I went back into a physical classroom to teach. Which meant I had a commute. And some days, the days I take my daughter to school, I have a 75 minute commute. An hour and fifteen minutes. After I drop her off I spend a good sized chunk listening to a book. Then I repeat the same commute at the end of the day.
Since August, I have finished five Stephen King books. Billy Summers, The Institute, Later, Fairy Tale, and Mr. Mecedes. They’re not short.

I am in the car a lot.

I also listened to Bono’s audiobiograhy. I am currently in the middle of Sandman III.

Not sure why I am writing this, other than to tell myself and maybe you the reader, that with audio you can get more reading done. I listen to audiobooks, but still read paperbacks and Kindle books at bedtime.
Audio books are bringing back a form of like the Golden Age of radio, where stories were told over the air. Audiobooks are a form of that.

I won’t get into the debate if listening to a book is reading a book. I taught first grade for seven years and Kindergarten for 1. I have read a metric ton of books out loud to students over the years. I am not going to dismiss that practice. With my students listening to books got them interested in reading other books.
Same for me. I discovered I love Stephen King crime and thrillers. Horror not so much. But through audio I discovered just how talented Stephen King is as a storyteller.

I hate him.

I’ve also listened to several Brene Brown books. Brene writes a lot about dealing with shame. So Brene Brown with Stephen King, there maybe something there I need to explore in a therapists office someday.
But here’s to 2023 to more stories through audio, and Kindle, and old fashion paper.