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    Crap. I missed my own ten year writing anniversary. Ten Years. Here’s what I learned.

    Crap. I missed my own anniversary. Ten years of writing came and went last week and I missed it. My first book Kevin and the Seven Lions came out on January 9, 2013. Like many writers, I wrote a manuscript and sent it to many different agents and publishers and got no response. This would have been around 2010. So…since I wrote ONE manuscript, and no one picked it up. I put it away and gave up, because that means I am a terrible writer. I was a failed writer. Yeah, that’s what I told myself. Just stupid. Note to aspiring writers, write MORE than ONE manuscript. Learn from me.…

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    I just finished listening to The Fifth Season by NK Jemisin

    I recently finished the audiobook of The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin, it is narrated by Robin Miles. The Fifth Season is a novel from 2015, the first in a series called the Broken Earth. It won the Hugo award in 2016 for best novel. It tells the story of a future or maybe a compelely different Earth, we’re never sure which, that is growing increasingly unstable with earthquakes and volcano eruptions. Because of the change, the calendar is not broken up into yearly seasons, but into seasons of years and decades as the earth goes through what seems to be its final days. Consequently because of the unstable…

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    Make Yourself Useful by Arnold Schwarzenegger

    I just finished Make Yourself Useful by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I must admit I enjoyed the book more than I expected. Arnold comes across as really likable guy in this audiobook. In the intro he mentions that he is recording it at home you, the listener, may here his dogs coming into the room or traffic outside. You never do by the way. And since it is Schwarzenegger the accent is thick, but it makes the book very memorable. And in a way kind of like you’re having a beer with him. The book is organized with six principals that he believes makes for a good life: 1. Have a clear…

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    Working the Kindle Version of Marcus Jones and the Wright Brothers Model this rainy day.

    I am spending this rainy Saturday afternoon finalizing the formatting for the Kindle version of the next Number Investigators book Marcus Jones and the Wright Brothers Model. I set-up a preorder with Amazon to force me to finish a book. I wish Amazon would allow preorders for a paperback, but alas they don’t. You can preorder Marcus Jones and the Wright Brothers Model here. Thanks for reading about third-graders that like numbers and building things.

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    Heir to the Empire Audio Book trilogy

    ’m a Star Wars fan. Many years ago, there was little to no Star Wars to be consumed. We call that the dark times. Then in 1991 we got our first new Star Wars content in quite sometime. Timothy Zahn’s book Heir to Empire opened the world of Star Wars back up to fans. What happened after the events of Return of the Jedi in 1983. Heir to the Empire was released eight years before we got our next Star Wars movie, The Phantom Menace in 1999. I was in high school when the novel came out and it reignited my dormant love of star Wars. And even more importantly…

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    The World Series is almost here

    The World Series starts soon. Here is my occasional reminder of my baseball related books. Baseball and Aliens came out in 2014. I use it when speaking at schools about how to come up with ideas for a story. Take two things you, baseball and alien movies, combine them and BAM! Something news. Aaron Chu and the Baseball Card Show came out earlier this year and is the fourth book in the Number Investigator series. Aaron wants to buy the rookie card of his favorite player, so he figures out just how many of his own cards he needs to sell to generate the cash needed. Both available in Kindle…

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    My latest book Aaron Chu and the Baseball Card Show is now available in paperback.

    I am not the most organized independent publisher. I should be publishing the paperback and Kindle versions at the same time. But alas, at this point in my journey, I am not that organized. The Kindle came out at the beginning of March, and here it is the middle of May. This is probably the longest stretch that I have gone between publishing the Kindle and the paperback version of a book. For me when I began my journey most of my sale were on the Kindle. And now it’s completely reversed, 95% of my sales are paperback. Not sure why. Maybe teachers, parents but them for classes and need…

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    Finder’s Keeper’s Audiobook review

    The saying is to write about what you know. Stephen King knows about writing. So he writes about writers. Finder’s Keepers, The second of the Mr. Mercedes trilogy tells the story of Bill Hodges and his “detective” company Finders Keepers. “Detective” because he is a retired dic, and NOT really supposed to be officially detecting.The story begins in 1978 with robbery of the formerly famous but now reclusive author John Rothstein, who is robbed and murdered some for his money, but mostly for his unpublished work that is found in his house, by Morris Bellamy. Because the unpublished writing of Rothstein would be very difficult to sell so near his…

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    Born a Crime: Stories of a South African Childhood. Audiobook by Trevor Noah

    Trevor Noah seemed to have come out of nowhere when he was tapped to replace John Stewart on The Daily Show. I admit by the time I was not watching the Daily Show as much as I once did, mostly due to just getting older and not watching television as much, and not due to Trevor Noah. I found him extraordinarily intelligent and funny when I did watch. I recently finished his audiobook, Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood. Noah tells the story of how his mother who was black, wanted to have a child and through various life choices had a baby with a Swedish white…